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    I totally agree with your post. I love shopping online and I have also been disappointed with the products I bought. I learned my lesson the hard way. But that didn’t stop me from buying online, instead, it made me really vigilant and careful. The fine prints are really important. Sometimes, it has the most significant information which buyers really have to know before they key in their credit card or paypal info for the payment. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Jyppe A. Quidores

    This is a good reminder especially when purchasing unbranded products because consumers will not really know who will be responsible for any possible damage that may be brought by the product itself aside from the retailer or the dealer of the item.

    Most cheap products, especially the low quality MIC electronics and appliances, come with no warranty and assurance so be a wise shopper.

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    fRanCis moRilao

    This is such a good advice for the consumers, not only giving tips but also providing examples of what will happen if the consumer becomes a victim. Thank you so much to Valerie Jones for sharing her expertise in her field. Congratulations Juan for this wonderful site.

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    Jyppe A. Quidores

    More often, it is still better to spend extra dollars for little bit expensive yet reputable products than to try to save from buying items which you actually do not know what injury it will give you later.

    Let use also put into consideration that branded products are expensive because of the quality and assurance and other legalities connected into it just like what is being mentioned on the post, not just because of the brand name.

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    nice consumer info juan!

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    good read. full pack of must-know info. thanks for writing up a post like this. :)

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    warranties are often ignored and forgotten.For my kids toys ,i make sure to read the print first for my childs safety.

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    Thanks for the info…it’s helpful especially to moms…hope mothers would read this to be aware of what they buy for their kids…

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    no return no exchange. Actually this policy were abolished long time ago to protect consumer. Apparently shops tend to ignore this.

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    research, research and more research..

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    Before I purchase items, I securely check the expiration and the country they’re from. :)

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    Chris Brown

    This is a good article on how one becomes victim of faulty products and how one can avoid it. In recent years many multinational companies are out sourcing their manufacturing to third world countries like China where manufacturing standards and product quality standards are quite low. It is true that it has helped to bring down the prices of products significantly by mass producing allowing lower strata of society to enjoy products which were once affordable to only rich and famous but it has also raised the risk becoming victim of faulty products. The last point discussed is very important that once you become a victim you need to contact an expert who can deal with such cases and helps you in getting the compensation for your damages. But it is always good that before buying any product you go through independent product reviews and buy products of reputed companies only. It may be a bit costly but in the long run it will prove economical and worthy.

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    Dennis Webbing

    This is great, but how does an intermediary business avoid liability?

    For example, if I own a shop similar to where others can post products for sale (or a shop with rented out sub shops) and they have a dispute with their customers, or fail to deliver the goods, apart from banning them, how do I protect my business or shop from being sued or jointly sued by the end customer?

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      Hi Dennis, You can always put a Disclaimer/Terms of Use/Condition of Use page on your site in order for you not to take all the responsibilities when one customer filed a dispute against the Seller.

      You can take a look at Amazon’s Condition of Use, and Sulit.Com.PH Disclaimer


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