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In the advent of technology and internet, several online marketplaces had emerged. Designer bags, shoes, clothing, accessories and a lot more are being offered and sold online.

These online stores are getting traffic everyday as millions of potential buyers are logging in their websites-checking what is new and trendy. Through this the possibility of scam and fraud intensifies and is already rampant. is an online brand store that everyone can check out. They offer free shipping for all of their items and products no matter how big or small the order is. They sell popular brands like Oakley, Lacoste, Nike, Nine West and other famous labels.

Moreover, they have a 30-day return policy of their items from unsatisfied clients. They will refund the amount paid through the same method of payment as long as the return had been processed already.

In addition, they guarantee that every credit cards used by their clients are safe and secure through their Safe Shopping Guarantee. They uses secure socket layer (SSL) software to make sure that credit card numbers are encrypts and cannot be read over the internet.


Is there a possibility that this online retail is a scam? Had they been accused for fraud transactions? Are they legal?

Certainly, all business conducted online will be subject to allegation and indictment both from consumers and competitors and is no exception.

They had been alleged for scam and fraud but were able to handle all of those. Why? Simple. Those were not true and no one was able to prove their accusations.

This reputable online store had been around for years because they are legal and does not succumb to illegal business transactions. Famous and highly regarded brands will not trust them if they don’t have values and principles that are respectable and upright.

Furthermore, their clients will not keep in coming back if they haven’t seen something good and remarkable about this retail store. In fact some of them have good words to say about

“I love 6pm. i have ordered from there in the past and have had no problems. Sorry to those who have. I will continue to order when i catch a good deal. I bought my daughter a pair of Kitson L.A. shoes. They were awesome. No one around this area had them. And you can only buy them in Los Angeles, unless you buy them from Kitson and your paying alot more for them.”- Diana Kirova.

“I ordered the superstar adidas on wendsday and they got here the next tuesday. They are actually on their way here right now to my house. I checked on ups. They are fast with nice prices and i recommend them to anyone.”– Marina Castillo.

This definitely can prove how efficient, customer oriented and highly regarded is. So why not try them NOW?

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