Join the Hype for the Newest HTC Flyer Tablet!

HTC released another buzz in the world of technology. Techies are now up to grab the newest HTC Flyer Tablet that joins the league of the latest tablets for 2012.

HTC Flyer Tablet has amazing features that would bring the world of Techies upside down by simply bringing the best of video games, internet connectivity and great applications. This latest device features proficient assets that highlight the most usage of the gadget. The tablet is simply designed for people who love using technology in different ways.

HTC Flyer 7 Android Tablet

Here are the features of the HTC Flyer Tablet and why it is on the top list of the coolest tablets of 2012:

  • A 7-inch frame with a digital pen also known as the “magical pen “that can be used to design, draw, paint and embellish signatures using the attached sensors within the tip easily and uniquely
  • Maintains touch screen facilities
  • Extremely light in weight that makes it more portable and easier to handle
  • There is an application called “TimeMark” which plays recorded sound that can be useful in work and business activities
  • Includes application that can produce documents, footnotes, and the option to bookmark data
  • Has 5MP Led camera that can take high-quality photos
  • Ability to save photographs, allows users to edit and work on their photos and create an interesting album
  • Users can have access to different websites because of search engines like directly connecting to YouTube
  • Users can browse e-books, music playlists and movies with just a touch of a button
  • Dictionary is also available while you are working on important documents, as well as  the stop clock and calculator

HTC Flyer Tablet is yet another awesome and unique creation from High Tech Computer Corporation that would surely make a buzz in the world of technology.


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