Mattress Shoppers’ Buying Tips

Amari Pocket Memory Draw Base Set MattressAfter a long stressful day, we all want to have a relaxing night which would re-energize us for tomorrow’s battle. The studies that have been conducted about sleep show that having a good night sleep will help boost our immune system and recuperating power. It also helps us to regain the energy we lost because of our everyday works. Because of a good night sleep we will be able to perform our tasks better. Just imagine how are you going to perform better in your job if you do not have sufficient sleep and proper rest, you are most probably feel so tired and less efficient to your job.

The importance of proper sleep must not be underestimate so as the bed where you usually lie every time you want to take a rest. Use a mattress that will provide you comfort and that would make you feel like a queen or a king. To help you find the mattress that will suit you best, consider the following:

Size Matters

Measure the size of your room. Mattresses come in different sizes. Choose a bed that is big enough to provide you comfort and small enough to let you walk around and does not look your room smaller.

Comfort Levels

Though your preference is what really important there are some guidelines provided for you to choose the comfort level that will fit to your body according to your weight. The different levels of comfort are  ‘soft’, ‘soft/medium’, ‘medium’, ‘medium/firm’, ‘firm’, and ‘extra firm’. If you weigh 76 kilograms or less, the comfort level suggested is ‘soft’ to ‘medium’. If you weigh more than 76 kilograms but less than 101 kilograms, the suggested level of comfort for you is ‘medium’, while ‘medium’ to ‘firm’ are the suggested comfort levels for people weighing more than 101 kilograms.

Materials of the Mattress

Of course, quality is very important. However, if you have a limited budget, there are also mattresses available in the market that is affordable and comfortable. Coil Sprung or Open Coil mattresses are the cheapest among other type of mattress. It is considered to be classic because of its design. It is sometimes noisy because of the coils inside and is prone on ‘roll off’ and ‘roll together’.

If you prefer the quality more than the budget, then you may buy Pocket Sprung Mattresses. It is very comfortable and the coils inside are aligned in a way which will avoid ‘roll off’ and ‘roll together’. Because of its comfort and high quality materials, you are assured that it would last long unlike coil sprung mattresses. However, this kind of mattress is more expensive than other type of mattresses.

Foam is another type of mattress that is available in the market. Its characteristics are the blend of the open coil and pocket sprung mattresses. Foams are famous because they give a ‘floating sensation’; however, not all people are suitable for this kind of mattress. It could also last long but costs higher than open coil mattresses.

When you buy, do not forget to examine the mattress. Lie to it around fifteen minutes to determine if you really like the comfort it would bring you.

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