Questions to Consider when Buying a New Laptop

When buying a new laptop there are plenty of questions to consider to make sure that you get the machine that’s right for your needs. First and foremost you need to evaluate what you’ll be doing with the laptop. If you’re just getting it for work then make sure you know what kind of work you’ll be doing. If you’re getting it for work but you want to play games as well that changes your needs entirely and you’ll have to keep that in mind so you make the proper selection to fit your needs. Do you just want to game on your laptop? If so, would a desktop actually work better or do you need the freedom of movement that a laptop gives you? Will you be using it for schoolwork and keeping up with your friends on social networks?

Cost is the next consideration. What are you willing to pay? If you want a powerful gaming machine you’ll have to break the bank, although it’s never financially smart to pay for the absolute top of the line since the highest levels of technology are overpriced and the level right below the top is always reasonably priced. There’s no reason to get crazy with spending if you don’t have to. If you just need something for browsing the web and running Word or Excel then you don’t have to spend lots of cash since you don’t need the processing power.

Laptop Questions

Customer service is important to consider. Most of the really big brands these days make use of offshore customer service and it can be a bloody nightmare. You either have to pay for the higher level of customer service or go with a smaller company that keeps their customer service in house and can actually help you instead of just read from a script. If you’re not great with computers and won’t really know what to do if something goes wrong you should strongly consider skipping over the really big computer companies with terrible customer service.

You’ll get the best prices online but if you’re unsure about something you can always go to a store and ask the employees to help you out. Just remember that they don’t always know what they’re talking about. They don’t give a great deal of training to guys and girls getting paid $12/hour, after all.

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