Samsung Nexus Review

Amazingly, this Samsung phone has 16 GB of internal memory and this no doubt makes it one of the best mobile phones in the world. With a very high speed of connectivity, and the best Wi-Fi, you can connect to other internet enabled wireless devices fast. If you love mobile gaming whenever you have some free time, then this is the right deal for you. It has the Game Processing Unit (GPU), which almost turns the Samsung Nexus into a small handheld gaming console. This phone was manufactured with entertainment in mind. Operating on an android platform, changing from one app to another is like blinking the eye.


The Samsung Nexus has two cameras, one is front facing and the other is rear facing. If you would love to watch video with a difference, you will love this phone. Many mobile phones come and go but for once, we have a phone that even the critics agree that its few cons are negligible. The exterior of this phone is plastic, but the interior has a metal chassis that makes it very strong. Its symmetrical curves make it very outstanding and it looks very polished. Finding local ATMS, places and restaurants on the maps will be very easy, a touch of the finger away. This is another addition to the ever-surprising Samsung line of smart phones.

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