Simple Yet Elegant Sunglasses from Firmoo

Some hours ago while doing my everyday household chores, I received a text stating that I have a package to be pick up at the Post Office. I have no idea about it and so clueless where it came from and who send the package. A little bit excited, I hurriedly finished what I am doing at that time, took my car keys and drive on my way to the Post Office.

While driving, I suddenly remembered that one time I accidentally opened a site Firmoo, an online optical store where you can find different styles of wraparound sunglasses, eyeglasses and goggles. I just got interested with their promo ‘Free for new buyers’ and grab the opportunity in having a stylish and elegant sunglasses for free.

So I got a hint that maybe this package is my free sunglasses from the said site, and wallah! my hint was right! After signing some receipt, I hurriedly opened the package and amazed with this simple yet elegant sunglasses.

firmoo sunglass

As I try the sunglasses on, I found it very light (made from mixed materials, metal and plastic) unlike some other sunglasses which is quite heavy on the nose part which makes me dizzy while I’m driving. With its fashionable design, I can surely wear it with different styles and color of clothes; rugged, casual and formal wears. I’m not fond of wearing any kinds of sunglasses, it’s just that I’m not use to it and it makes me dizzy especially when I’m driving, but as I try this new sunglasses from Firmoo while I drove back to our home, I feel so easy and comfortable and felt no dizziness…

I am very much sure that I’ll purchase another product from this Global Online Optical store..

Charrie Joan - Firmoo Sunglass

My daughter wearing Firmoo Sunglass


About the Author : Joan is the wife of the Admin of this site and a parent to two beautiful kids. She enjoy helping her kids with their school activities.

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