Tips for Buying a Sectional Sofa Online

Buying a sectional sofa online can be a great way to get a good deal.Not only are online store prices usually more competitive, but there is normally a wider selection for you to choose from. Before you make that purchase, however, there are some tips for buying a sofa online that you might want to know about.


Although you may think that measuring for a sectional sofa is simply a matter of measuring the space where you want it to sit, there are actually some other things you should think about. Many sectional sofas have a portion of the sofa that performs like a chair and has an extending leg rest. When there is a leg rest, the back portion of the sofa section usually reclines too. If this is the case, you not only need to consider how far the leg rest extends, but you should account for how much space is needed for that section of the sofa to recline. This may pose a potential problem if you wish to have a coffee table in front of your sofa or need the sectional sofa to fit close against the wall.


Sectional SofaOne of the biggest problems with ordering something online is that what appears to be a certain color when it is viewed on the computer screen, may not appear the same color when it arrives at your home. As an example, the leather of a sofa may appear dark brown when viewed online, but be a much lighter brown when you see it in person. Many online sites offer their customers upholstery swatches for free and some places, such as Sofas and Sectionals will even ship them overnight to you for free. It is important to remember, however, that if you are ordering a sofa that has a pattern, the swatch may not show enough of the pattern for you to get a good idea about how it actually looks.

Return Policy

Check to see what the company’s return policy is before you order a sectional sofa online. Some companies may not accept returns if you custom order a sofa, or if you purchase the sofa as a “Clearance” deal. Look to see if you will have to pay return shipping if you don’t like your sofa and do you have a certain period of time to try out your sofa once it arrive? Read the online return policy carefully or call to talk to a customer service representative if you still have questions.


Inquire as to whether there is a warranty offered on your sectional sofa if it is defective. Many companies will offer to exchange a sofa or refund your money if furniture you purchase online is defective. If the item becomes damaged,  however, through normal wear and tear there is normally no warranty offered. As with the return policy, it is best to call and talk to a customer service representative before you order if you have specific concerns about a product.

About the Author : Lindsey Ratcliff writes for several design blogs and uses http://www.sofasandsectionals. com/sectionals to find the perfect sofa for his design.

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