How To: Buy A Suit

Every man requires a good suit for special occasions. Some men take it as a conduit for their jobs, so the suit is part of their dressing style. But even if you are the sporty type, getting an expensive suit for elegant events is a must. One of the main rules is to avoid bargains. Make sure you know what you like or what fits to your style. Also, think about the events you will need this suit for. Perhaps you work in court or maybe you get it for a funeral. Most importantly, stay away from the cheap and low quality products.


The fabric is not really the most important factor to consider, but definitely a helpful one. Most manufacturers rely on wool. It is a high quality and resistant material, but this is not a general rule. Sometimes, the top part of the coat may consist of a tight combination between cashmere and wool. In some situations, the entire suit is made of cashmere. There are also cases when you may run into silk or even cotton. Cotton is great for hot summer days, especially if you plan to wear the suit on a regular basis. On the other hand, linen can turn a hot day into hell.

mens suitsSuper number

The super number is mostly common among people who actually work in this industry. The less experienced ones will refer to the fineness. Most importantly, this super number underlines the fibre fineness. For instance, a high number defines a thin fabric. From some points of view, a thin fibre ensures an elegant appearance. However, if you wear the suit for work, a low super number might be more appropriate. After all, you need it to resist overtime too. Other than that, wool tends to get rare when the fibre is very thin. Unlike your expectations, a high super number brings in an expensive cost.


A high quality suit is supposed to be strong and resistant. How can you tell? Just grab a piece of the respective cloth, then squeeze it a little. Normally, it should bounce back immediately. There must be no wrinkles showing up on the moment. Grab a different part and do the same. A few tries will help you understand how to make the difference in quality. Besides, it is hard to tell from one suit only, so try a few different stores too.

Helpful tips

  • Aside from the strength check, make sure you pay attention to the coat buttons too. They should be firm and not too loose. If you find them very wobbly, they will most likely come off pretty soon.
  • Double check the shoulder pads. Once you get the jacket on, there should not be any dents or wrinkles in the cloth. If there are, it means that you need a smaller size.
  • The sleeve length can tell a lot about you. It must meet the wrist right above the thumb, otherwise you will look ridiculous.


Finding a good suit asks for time and some simple tricks. Some suits will feel good, but they will be too large or small. Some others will fit perfectly, but the quality will be very poor. Therefore, your patience is essential.

Guest Post by Susie Andrews of MusicMagpie UK. Susie loves Fashion and writes for various fashion and lifestyle blogs. If you’d like¬†sell your clothes¬†online, check out the link.

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