Two Words to Consider before Buying Something

wants_needsAlright, you had your money and you want to spend it luxuriously. Either for a vacation or gadgets we need to ask ourselves first before purchasing and spend the money that we earn from salary, service or savings.

But before you buy, might you want to consider asking a question first. With just a two short question you can determine if buying is a must or not. These are: needs and wants.

While buying asks this: “is this what I want?” or “is this my need?”  For example it pops on your mind that you like to buy an iPhone. We know that iPhone is a pricey gadget so it needs really a firmed decision before buying it.

If you distinguish between wants and needs you can easily decide whether buying is a need or want. There is a difference between those two words right. A “need” is something that you will be use and necessary to use or in simpler sentence someone will suffer without it, while the word “want” is something that you may delay,  it is more likely you can still live without having it.

So back to the iPhone, can I live without iPhone? If your answer is yes then it is just a “want” but if your answer is no which is actually not true all the time, then it is just a “need”. You see the difference; “want” is actually a luxury or material that we love to have while “need” is a must and necessary.

Here are some examples for things that we “want” ;Car, dress, shoes, jewelry, bags, travel, dining out.

Here are examples for things that we “need”; Foods, education, grocery, electricity etc…

So before you buy, remember these two words: want and need.

About the Author : Chrisair is the author of Fit and Fashion Mom consist of beauty and style inspirations. She loves to read to get updated and she consider herself as a social network addict. And she write both for passions and earning online. Writing is what she used to do in her spare time after all the errands around their home.

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