6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Cars

So… it’s crunch time and you still have a few people who you are struggling to get a gift for that you know they will appreciate. You may have a few people who are enthusiastic about cars in that group. Ever thought of car related gifts that will enhance that individual’s driving experience? There are many safety and emergency issues that a driver will have to deal with from time to time. Having that emergency kit on hand is always a good thing. Here are a few gift ideas for those who love cars.

1. Tool Chest

People who love cars many times like to tinker with it. A tool chest is a perfect gift idea for such an individual. It would be like giving them their own mechanic starter kit. Select one that is made of sturdy metal and have friction slide drawers so they can easily keep the tools separate, and simply pull out a drawer to get the tool they want. If the tool chest comes with a lockable top section that would also be good as that would prevent the drawers from sliding open by themselves. A tool chest complete with screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, ratchets, bit sets and a handle for easy carrying is always a welcomed gift for car lovers who like to keep them in top shape.

car-gift-wrapped2. Autoglym Professional Valet Collection Gift Pack

This is a perfect gift for that car lover who likes their car to have that spanking new look. The kit contains some of Autoglym’s best products such as bodywork shampoo, super resin polish, glass polish, wheel cleaner, topped off with synthetic chamois and finishing cloths to complete that shining and buffering job.

3. Car Polisher

A great gift idea for that friend who is always fussy about the streaks and spots on his or her car. A car polisher complete with a friction resistant cushioned pad makes the perfect choice polisher that will help your friend gain that professional looking finish.

4. Washer

If your friend is into washing their own car then by all means help them make a lighter job of it by giving them a washer as a gift. All they’ll need to do is grab that kit and they’ll have immediate access to a range of accessories such as a hose, a detergent application bottle and a vario lance for varying the pressure of the water as they wash various areas of the car.

5. Club Subscription

Ever noticed how whenever the guys got into the car debate at a Christmas gathering the others clear the room leaving them to have it out? Guys will be guys. Why not get that car lover a subscription to a car club where he can meet with like-minded people and do what car lovers do best – debate and tinker.

6. Seats and Seat Covers

If you heard your friend complain about back pains while driving – then that’s your clue. A perfect gift idea would be something like a beaded seat cover that gently massages the back while driving. Cushions also make perfect sense. Another great idea are seat covers that would give the car that personalized look and feel.

There are a number of great gift ideas for car lovers. These are gifts that they will appreciate and use regularly so you know they will never go unused.

Jamie McMackin is a self confessed auto fanatic. He enjoys sharing his tips and stories on various driving and motoring blogs. 

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