Cinemood: A Kid Friendly Mini Projector That They Will Love

Cinemood, the leader in innovation presents the world’s smallest [easyazon_link identifier=”B01N5S2IFJ” locale=”US” tag=”shoppingjuan-20″ cart=”n”]mini projector[/easyazon_link] that you can let your kid/s hold. It is kid friendly weighing only 0.5lb with up to 150” glowing and dramatic picture. It maybe small but this is easy to move around and this machine is durable.

Cinemood is equipped with DLP optical engine, usb, 5 hours battery, silent fanless cooling, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, gyroscope and keystone correction, a speaker with 2.5W, 32 GB memory, robust quad-core processor and mobile app.

Pre-loaded in the pack is 100+ hours of non-stop activities like watching cartoons and informative videos, existing audio books, captivating sounds of nature and classical music. Your kid/s can also play with shadow puppets and read digital books. There are available YouTube contents. Additionally, you can upload your own videos.


This has a huge screen of up to 150”but still safer to use than tablet, television or Smartphone. There is absolutely no blue light or static posture in this gadget. Your kid/s will also love to use this in case you’re out on a trip and you need to keep them busy while you are driving.

You can point Cinemood Projector onto any light surface. Cinemood also has no advertisements and other malicious contents that children should stay away from. For parents “who want to give their children an alternative interface for technology”; check out Cinemood now because you’ll never regret choosing it. And because Cinemood not only has cartoons but educational shows as well, your kid/s have the opportunity to learn everyday as he watches.

If you want to give something special to your kid/s today, give them Cinemood. Cinemood is out on the market now for only $299.00. It’s quite a bargain considering that this small gadget is one powerful entertainment masterpiece. Buy Cinemood [easyazon_link identifier=”B01N5S2IFJ” locale=”US” tag=”shoppingjuan-20″ cart=”n”]here[/easyazon_link].

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Take Remarkable Photos in An Instant with Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

For quite some time now, people have been mesmerized by cameras that have a retro feel to it. These retro cameras, sometimes, are small in sizes and they take pictures instantly so the result is also a small picture but with a beautiful vignette.

Enter [easyazon_link identifier=”B06X9C2696″ locale=”US” tag=”shoppingjuan-20″]Instax Mini 9[/easyazon_link] by the well-known company, Fujifilm; a lightweight instant camera that is user friendly especially for beginners and very easy to bring with you anywhere you go. Since it’s a small camera, you can put it in your bag whenever you’re going out. It has a simple on/off button that even new camera owners will delight in. This little but sturdy camera produces roughly 2 inch photos in a flash. Instax mini 9 has a viewfinder with 0.37x target spot and shutter speed of 1/60 sec which means you’ll have an easy time taking photos of your moving model with a clear result. This camera uses 2 AA batteries which can last you up to 100 shots, not bad right?


It’s easy to use with an automatic setting to determine the brightness mode you need for a certain moment although there are available options like cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy, etc. There is a little mirror that has a “lomo” effect to it which makes for a great “selfie”.  This ultra-cute camera also has a promising high-key mode and a close-up shooting lens that take great portraits.

Personally, I like taking photos with this kind of camera because apart from it being easy to use for a beginner like me, it can also be brought wherever I go with ease. Instax mini 9 offers a lot of color to choose from.  If you like to be girly, you can choose pink. If you’re more into zen mode, you can opt for white or if you’re like me who likes deeper colors, you can choose blue.

You can get the camera [easyazon_link identifier=”B06WWL4JD8″ locale=”US” tag=”shoppingjuan-20″]here[/easyazon_link] for as low as $61.93.

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Nice Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are fun! Make birthdays more fun with cool gift ideas you can buy or make yourself. Here are some birthday gift ideas we found on the web.

Cute Bags

Bags make a great gift during birthdays, especially if you can find one with a unique or cute design your receiver will surely love. Of course, your receiver’s gender and preferences might matter here – but you can find lots of cool options at the store.

For example, messenger bags with cute embroidered characters make a great gift for older kids or young ladies. You can also find lovely ladies’ bags that would be perfect for little fashionistas.

Couple Items

For your significant other, couple items are the “in” thing to get these days. You can have matching clothes, matching jackets, matching shoes, matching towels – even matching cellphones, if you can afford to buy an expensive gift.

Matching Family Outfits

There are stores selling matching outfits for families but you can opt to buy these matching outfits for your friends, too.

Personalized Items

For kids, there are personalized books you can order where their names and other details (such as names of friends) are added in the story. Some book makers even allow you to include your child’s photos in the book. This would surely make a great gift to introduce kids to books.

Other personalized items such as jewelry, jackets, chairs, or watches with the recipient’s name are also a great choice.

Framed Items

You can make a collage of favorite photos or mementos and have it framed. You can also frame a certificate for your receiver, with appropriate markings like, “Best Dad in the World” or “Best Mom in the World”, etc.


Jewelry is always a great option to give your loved ones – but be careful with rings as not only do you have to get the right size, rings often symbolize a promise. If you are not yet ready to propose to your girlfriend, do not gift her with a ring as this could backfire, instead.

We hope you were able to use these birthday gift ideas in finding the best present for your loved ones.

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Choosing Fun Gifts for Men

Although they are not as vocal as women when it comes to gifts, men also love to receive presents! Here are some cool ideas for fun gifts for men. Have fun choosing and gifting these items to your partner, dad, grandpa, brother, or any special guy in your life.

Prank/Gag Gifts

Men love a good laugh – so you can buy them prank/gag gifts for fun. Some of the best ideas are a blood bath shower gel (red shower gel placed inside a plastic pack similar to those used in hospitals to store blood), funny cake toppers, farting slippers/pillows, mugs with funny prints/words, realistic animal mask, scary latex or inflatable figures/body parts, etc.

Funny Clothes

There are lots of novelty t-shirt shops selling shirts with funny prints – you can easily choose the best one to suit your recipient. You can also opt to create your own design and have it printed on the shirt.

While you are shopping for funny clothes for your partner, you might want to buy a “mankini” just for laughs. Who knows? He just might us it, too!

DIY Coupons and Gifts

Who said you need to buy stuff so you can find fun gifts for your man? You can find lots of printable coupons and slips on the web for various stuff, including gifts with a twist. For instance, you could print him coupons for a free massage – but he has to be blindfolded and you’ll be using your foot, elbow, or other parts of the body. A homemade scratch ticket can also be a fun gift.

Treasure Hunt

There’s an even better way to give your gifts to your loved one: ask him to go on a treasure hunt. Scatter hints and clues around the house, leading him to the ultimate gift.

Enjoy finding the best fun gifts for men – the task of looking for the perfect gift can be just as fun as finally finding one. Good luck!

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Cool Gifts Under $20 Everyone Will Love

Did you know that you can buy lots of cool gifts under $20? You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on lavish gifts especially if you are strapped for cash. We’re sharing here some of the best gift ideas everyone will love.


Yeah! Mugs are so overrated but if you get one in 3D or with cool/funny prints, I bet the receiver will love it! Heat-changing mugs are popular, too.

Cute Headphones

There are a lot of cute headphones selling for less than $20. When picking your gift, consider the receiver’s taste. Furry plush headphones would work well on kids and girlfriends but might be a tad too cute for your boyfriend.

Telephoto Lens for Smartphones

Tech stores and online shops are selling small telephoto lens that can greatly improve a smartphone’s camera. With people wanting to take the best photos these days to post on social media, this option would surely be a keeper.

Useful hint: You might want to also buy one for yourself…

Cool Nightlights

Nightlights are not just for kids – and many adults would love to receive one if it has a cool appearance. Depending on your receiver (or your mood), you can pick cartoon character nightlights or ones that look techie/geeky. Don’t worry as there are a lot of choices in stores for this one.

Weird But Funny Gifts

With merchandise under $20, you can’t expect to have the grandest gift yet you can have the coolest, most unique pick. These you can find in novelty stores. Examples would be notebooks, notepads, or memo boards with hilarious captions, colored toilet paper, apparel with funny prints/lettering, or hilarious stickers.


You can get a box of cookies or cupcakes for less than $20. Better yet, if you know how to bake, you can make some yourself! Instead of buying the baked goodies, you can invest in some cookie cutters with cool shapes (favorite cartoon or movie characters) and decorate the cookies accordingly.

Those are some of the best ideas for gifts under $20.

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Ideas for Cute Gifts for Boyfriend

If you are looking for ideas for cute gifts for boyfriend, then you have come to the right place. We share with you some of the top choices we found on the web. Don’t worry because you don’t have to spend a lot of money just so you can give your loved one the cutest gift as you can even make it yourself!

Memory Book or Frame

Print photos of your best times together (wacky, crazy times would also be fantastic!) and create a collage you can frame so he could hang it on the wall or you could opt to place this in a memory book for you to share.

Love Box

Write the things you love about him using small pieces of cute stationery, one piece for every attribute you like. Place this inside a box or jar along with other mementos or craft pieces. Strips of colored paper would also make a great option here. Add some pictures inside the box. Label it with “Why I Love You” or anything you like – you can be cheesy, if you like. Even if it is cheesy, I bet he’ll love it!

Another option is to simply create him a list of the things you really like and love about him.

Awesome Boyfriend Certificate

Frame him an “Awesome Boyfriend” certificate he could hang on the bedroom wall. “Best Boyfriend in the World” would also be a good idea. This certificate would be especially perfect for his birthday but would also suit other occasions as well.

Love Coupons

Print him some love coupons he can claim for the day or within a week/month. This could be a coupon for a massage (from you, of course), a dinner date with home-cooked dishes, a date in a secret location, a kiss, etc.

Good luck in making cute gifts for boyfriend! We wish you great success!

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Ideas for Homemade Gifts

Store-bought gifts are so overrated at times that a lot of people are turning to their own God-given talents to create homemade gifts to give their friends and loved ones, instead. What makes these gifts a better choice is that they can be easily personalized without the added cost it would entail if you had gotten it from the store.


Food is simply one of the best homemade gifts you can give – it is great for people of all ages. You can choose to give cookies, cake, candy, or cupcakes decorated for the occasion. This would be a good option for Christmas, Halloween, and even birthdays or other special events.


People gifted with artistic skills would surely save a lot of money if they create gifts themselves. The gift will surely be priceless to the receiver. Even the not-so-artistic people can find lots of DIY craft ideas on the web to try at home.

Examples would be a photo collage with DIY frames, potpourri in a jar, personalized bookmarks or craft boxes, candles or candle holders, decoration, jewelry, t-shirts, or any other craft that you might find suitable for the person you are gifting.

Sewn Items

If you know how to sew, you can this skill to create personalized blankets, pillows, clothes, purse, or any other craft you know how to make. You can also add photos to your crafts for a more personalized effect.

And even if you do not know how to sew, you can still create personalized items using store-bought items. For example, a plain canvas tote bag or t-shirt can transform into a unique, personalized item using fabric paint, beads, buttons, and other craft items.

What do you think of these homemade gifts? These are just ideas for you to try at home but you can always choose the best craft to suit your skills or the ultimate receiver of your DIY homemade gift.

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You’re Not Going to Hear Her Roar With These Gift Ideas

Leo-FemaleIf you’re born from July 23 to August 22, your zodiac sign is Leo. According to, Leo’s are ruled by their astral sign—the Sun, and being the center of the universe they too love the attention given to them. As to their personality, they are enthusiastic, understanding, and are strong-spirited.

Leo persons tend to stand out in a crowd. They also love vibrant and unique things. They have a taste for art, and like their attitude they prefer bold and dazzling things. When choosing a gift for a Leo woman it is important that you understand their personality. To help you pick a gift for your girl, here are some ideas.

There are so many shops and online sites that offer DIY kits. You can buy one and make a personalized gift for a female Leo. If not, then go to a shop that offers personalized gifts. Choose something that is remarkable, don’t buy common personalized items like mugs, key chains, or t-shirts.


The thing with the female Leo is that they do not like cheap or fake things. So, you may give her a gold or silver bracelet with her favorite pendant or with her name inscribed. A pretty and lustrous watch is also an option. Choose something that is big, or with many charms around the strap. Bangles? Necklace? Just choose something big, catchy, and sparkly. Ruby and diamonds do well for a Leo. Those will make her eyes pop.


Remember, go for authentic and high-end makeup. But before buying makeup for your girl, know her shade, tone, and appropriate colors. This may seem awkward for a guy, so you may opt to ask her girl friends. Buy lipsticks, the shades pink, red, and nude are universal and will match any skin tone. You can also buy her lip gloss and lip balms. Also, be familiar with her favorite scents so you can buy her perfume. You can also buy her nail polish.


Red, orange, yellow, light green—choose colors that will make her stand out in a crowd. Bright colors and also bold ones will fit a person with the zodiac sign Leo. Again, buy branded clothing, or with the latest fashion craze. A silk scarf will be a good idea, including long gowns and sexy outfits.

Treat her

A day at the spa, museum exhibit, trip to the cinema. Give her a day of fun and relaxation. Or, dine in at her favorite restaurant or in a high class store.

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Cool Birthday gift Ideas for Your Capricorn Man

capricornYou got a new boyfriend—and he is a Capricorn. In less than a week he will be celebrating his birthday, and you want to give him the best gift ever. You want to know what can make him happy. How will you do that? Well, you better start by studying the personality of Capricorns. From this, you will learn a lot about your guy.

Capricorns are practical beings. Therefore, if you want ideas of what to give him, better think of something which he can use. Surely, he will be thankful to you, and your present will not be a waste.

Here are some nice ideas for birthday gifts for Capricorn man:

Wrist watch

Do you want to give him something which he can use everyday? Then, give him a wrist watch. Since he will wear it daily, you will be with him even if you go to separate workplaces or schools. Surely, he will be reminded of you everytime he checks the time.

Fleece blanket

Capricorns have soft spot for warmth and comfort. For this reason, a nice fleece blanket can also be a perfect gift for him. Is it not sweet to think that you can provide him comfort with your blanket as he sleeps? This will make him wake up with great smile each morning.

Good book

If your Capricorn is a reader and he loves to learn new things, a book can be a good gift. Since you know what he is into, you better choose a book that will help him learn more about his interest. A book of how-to’s is also a good idea.

Self-made dinner

If you do not like to give him a thing, but instead you want a memorable activity, then preparing a simple yet romantic dinner will do. Rather than spending time in a luxurious restaurant, your man will appreciate it more if you cook the food and prepare the whole setting yourself. Assuredly, he will fall deeper into you as he sees your effort and thoughtfulness.

These are just a few ideas of birthday gifts for Capricorn man. Remember, practicality is the key to his heart. Therefore, as long as it is something that can be useful to him—and is straight from your heart—it will be the best for him.

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Cool Sagittarius Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

sagittariusYour anniversary is coming. It is another time to surprise your partner. Probably you are thinking of giving the best gift to your Sagittarius boyfriend ever. Well, surely he does think the same way too, as he is ever thoughtful. Now, you want to give him something which he will really enjoy because it is in his nature.

The best way to find out what your Sagittarian guy will enjoy is by looking at his traits. Basing on his zodiac sign, you can know more things about his innate being. Then, what you need are cool Sagittarius gift ideas. Why not try the following?

Ticket to a comedy show

Sagittarius men love fun. This is probably true about your boyfriend. If he loves a good laugh, then why not plan a date to a comedy show? If he is into films, then you can treat him to the best comedy movie showing. Both of you will surely enjoy the activity.

Hot-air balloon ride

You want the biggest surprise for him? Try something that is beyond his expectation like a hot-air balloon ride. Sagittarians love adventures, so for sure this activity will excite him much. Yes, this could be quite costly, but it is worth it since your man deserves the best, right? In order for you to save, you can search online for cheap hot-air balloon deals.

Trip to somewhere

Sagittarius people love to travel. Therefore, a trip to a place where he has always wanted to go will delight him much. It does not have to be outside the country. So you do not have to spend a big amount, you can look for beautiful local destinations.

Digital camera

If you want to give him something handy, then a digital camera will do. Since Sagittarians love to travel, having his own camera will make his trips more exciting. This is not only for souvenir purposes, but also because your man will surely enjoy photography.

These are only a few Sagittarius gift ideas that you can consider. It is you who know your man best. Therefore, better know what he is really into and give him something that, you know by heart, he will surely love.

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