G&L Clothing: 90 Years and Counting

Online shopping has become popular these days. With almost everyone today having a computer or smartphone, internet is now the convenient way to do all things including shopping. Well, for busy people who have no more time to go downtown to buy their work clothes, shopping online is just perfect for them.

For anyone who is looking for an online shop for work wear and casual clothes, G&L Clothing is one of the popular options. Starting its service in Central Iowa in 1917, this shop has now extended its services to the rest of the United States and the world through the net.

What has made it reach 90 years

G&L Clothing has been providing casual and work clothes for 90 years now, and no doubt it has gained the trust of many for it to remain through the years. What makes this online shop a popular choice for many?


This clothing shop is known for its assortments of clothing for men, women, and kids. It also offers footwear and safety clothing. Also, aside from the branded clothing and apparel they provide, this online store is also a favorite for people who got extra pounds and are finding it hard to look for clothes of their sizes.

Moreover, aside from the high quality of clothing and footwear products, this shop also offers a practical shipping service. For as low as $ 5 shipping fee, they have a daily shipping service for every order. This means customers do not have to wait for a long time to get what they have purchased.

Well, considering the quality of products this shop offers, let us take a closer look at some of their major categories.

Men’s Clothing

Having started the business with men’s clothing, this online shop has always provided the best brands and quality of men’s shirts, jackets, pants, coveralls, accessories, and other apparels. One can findLevis, Dickies, Jockey, and Lord Daniel among other high class brands in reasonable and discounted prices. Surely, with the quality of these clothing and apparel, men would not only get their comfortable work or casual wears here but also the best of their wardrobe.

Women’s Clothing

Well, since most ladies also consider shopping online more convenient than going through the mall for their outfits, G&L Clothing also has a variety of products for their closet. Being among the first shops to offer Women’s Carhartt line, recently they have also added Wrangler’s AURA to their selection of women’s clothing brands. The shop makes sure to provide work clothes that are perfectly suitable to a woman’s body so they do not have to worry about comfort.

Big and Tall

For those who are having a hard time looking for work clothes and footwear of large sizes, especially men, this clothing shop makes the search easier for them. They specialize in selling tall and big workwear, pants, and shirts. They have a variety of big and tall products from high quality brands, such as Carhartt,Grand River, Key, and more others. With this, people having weight and height problems have now lesser to worry about.

Shopping online at G&L Clothing has made it easier to buy fine work and casual wears. Surely, its 90 years of existence is an enough proof of how it satisfies its customers by meeting their clothing needs.   As it adds years to its service, it also guarantees to keep adding quality clothing, apparel and footwear products for a better online shopping experience.

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