Great Ideas of How to Surprise a Scorpio Man

scorpioYour boyfriend is going to celebrate his birthday next week. You have no idea what present to give him as you have not been together that long yet. One thing you know about him though, he is a Scorpio and he hates it when special days are forgotten.

Scorpio men are known to be mysterious, intimidating, and adventurous. Moreover, they have serious outlook in life, and they do not like being neglected. Therefore, if you want to know how to surprise a Scorpio man, you better consider these traits.

Here are some good and interesting ideas of how you can surprise your Scorpio guy on his special day.

Outdoor Celebration

Since Scorpios are adventurous, why not surprise him with an outdoor activity that you can enjoy together. You can go for a hike or a camping somewhere. You can also go island hopping, or have a day in an amusement park. Anything thrilling and adventurous is appealing to him.


Scorpio men are also tacticians by heart. They love analyzing situations and being in control of everything. Therefore, why not give him a game that will allow him to use his skills like Sim Cityor Civilization?

Mystery Catcher

You can also feed the mysterious side of your boyfriend. Why not give him a binocular or a telescope? If he is a reader, then a detective fiction or an investigative-report book can be a good idea too. You can also give him a DVD of a suspense movie.

Something sensual

Scorpios are romantic and sensual by nature. Hence, you should not be shy to give him something intimate. For instance, silk boxers are a winner. Perfume is also a good idea, as nothing can resist sensual fragrance.

You do not have to spend much just to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday. If you have a tight budget, then you can think of something more personalized like handmade jewellery. Nothing beats a gift from the heart of the most special person in your life. If you want to know how to surprise a Scorpio man, consider first the simple things that can make him happy, and from those, you can already decide on the best gift for him.

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