iPhone 5 Features, Release Date and Rumors

There have been ongoing rumors about the next generation of Apple’s iPhone 5 with release date, features, rumors, news and even Jailbreak information surfacing the internet. Although it had been reported that Apple was scheduled to release iPhone 5 sometimes in 2011 but instead decide to announce the release date of iPhone 4S, people have been left guessing on what features iPhone 5 may have. In accordance to rumors and news surfacing the net, it is speculated that the famed iPhone 5 could be released sometimes this year (2012).

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The contradicting factor remains concealed as to whether purchase the latest Apple iPhone release, the 4S or simply keep saving for the real deal. There are questions about the actual release date of iPhone 5. Apple has not yet unveiled the actual release date but there are rumors that the debut could take place between mid 2012 or towards the end of the year (2012) and more speculation shows that the unveiling could take place at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Event that usually tends to take place early June each year thus why people are speculating that this could be the time iPhone 5 could be making its way to the market.

Sometimes towards the end of last year (2011) there were rumors that reported the summer of 2012 as the actual release date of iPhone 5 and since then these rumors aren’t just found on one website but several product promoter blogs are also accounting on the same.

What do we expect on the iPhone 5 in terms of features? Compared to the iPhone 4S which is the current and latest release of iPhone by Apple, it appears as if iPhone 5 will carry a completely new design. This means that the casing will be new, compare what they did with iPhone 3G and later on with the iPhone 4. For them, changing design in every model generation is a must therefore that is one feature we cannot vote out. But alas, what specifications do we expect to see in the iPhone 5? In accordance with the roadmap in mobile chip design, there is a very high probability that a quad-core processor is a feature that would debut in the new upcoming iPhone 5.

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After the new iPad was launched, more news about the probable iPhone 5 CPU seem to be leaving people in the dark and speculating about A5X processor really doesn’t seem like an open answer. There are also rumors that the iPhone 5 might support 4G technologies and join other handsets which have already introduced 4G support. If you are purchasing the 16GB or the 32GB, it has been speculated that the price could be about £500 although this has not been substantiated yet.

The questions people seem to be already asking even without full release date confirmation is how to Jailbreak iPhone 5. Jailbreaking your anticipated iPhone 5 will enable you to install the latest iPhone features just like in iPhone 4S and other iPhone generations. Within the next few weeks, iPhone workers will have to work extra hard to work around this device.

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