There is a saying that goes, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” And indeed, these lovely gems go through a lot of complex processes in order to bring out the beauty and elegance in them. And it is because of these sophisticated processes that make diamonds one of the most expensive jewelries in the world.

man-made-diamondsBut thanks to human ingenuity, we can now enjoy the beauty of these gems without really having to spend great amounts of fortune. Now with man-made diamonds, people can have a chunk of these precious gems with them.

Synthetic diamonds are the kinds that are prepared in special laboratories. Under the care of jewelry experts, the raw materials, such as graphite solutions, are subjected into technological processes to convert into them into a diamonds.

The two most common processes in man-made diamond production are HPHT method (high-pressure high-temperature) and CVD method (chemical vapor methods).

While natural diamonds are created through natural geological processes, synthetic diamonds are prepared in laboratory settings. But that does not decrease their qualities as precious gems. In fact, most synthetic diamonds also possess the essential qualities of natural diamonds such as hardness, thermal conductivity and electrical mobility.

This is made possible by the advancements in metallurgical technology. So while synthetic diamonds are different from natural diamonds in such a way that they are made by man, there is no significant difference is beauty, quality and elegance are to be considered.

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