Last Minute Wedding Gift Shopping: How to Do It Right

wedding-giftTrying to find that perfect wedding gift is always a challenge and when you have left it to the last minute to get something, it can become quite a headache, especially when you think that many of the other guests will have already bought something regular, so a set of glasses just won’t do.

Don’t despair you can often find inspiration under pressure and if you are prepared to consider something a bit different or even quirky, then you could end up getting something truly memorable, and make it look like you had it planned all along!

All aboard 

There are some amazing sailing experiences that you could buy a voucher for to give a truly memorable and unique gift. For less than $300 you could get a ticket for two to sail on an old-fashioned tall ship, leaving from Sydney Harbour and taking a leisurely afternoon sail through the calming waters while enjoying unlimited wine, some canapés and musical entertainment. What you could a more memorable wedding gift that treating the bride and groom to an indulgent trip sailing from this iconic location and watching the sun set over Sydney Harbour. They will certainly remember who bought them that wedding gift more than the set of glasses!


If the couple have a quirky sense of adventure and are thrill-seekers with a good sense of humour to go with it, then why not buy them the gift of a Flying Trapeze experience!

This is a shared experience and one that will not be forgotten in a hurry as the happy couple are shown the ropes and taught how to perform a set of manoeuvres under the instruction of some professional trapeze artists. Whilst a career in the circus might not beckon after this experience, they will have plenty to laugh and smile about as they tell you all about the quirky gift that you arranged for them.

Chilled out 

Why not consider arranging an experience that is more chilled out than anything else, an Ice Lounge. There are a number of speciality built cocktail bars and lounges around that are made entirely of carved ice and even a couple of newlyweds will struggle to raise the temperature much higher than -10 , but they will have a lot of fun dressing up warmly to sip some cocktails in this unique environment, so why not buy them a ticket for two and offer them a chance to have some fun chilling out.

Let’s Dance 

It may not be too late to save them from the embarrassment of that first dance at the wedding reception in front of all their guests. Why not consider getting the gift of a private lesson for two from a professional dancer who can show them some great moves and have some fun. Learning a favourite style of dance and then wowing the guests with a proficient display will have everyone talking. On second thoughts, seeing as this is meant to be a last minute gift idea, why not give it to them at the wedding reception and let them learn from their mistakes at a later date, once you have all had your own fun watching them try to impress you.

Leaving your wedding gift shopping to the last minute could actually be a source of inspiration if you choose one of these unusual ideas, and the memory will last longer than the toaster you thought about buying.

About the Author : Sarah Paulsen is a helps organise weddings. Her articles mainly appear on wedding and newlywed blogs. Visit Factory Fast Australia for more ideas.

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