Online Shopping VS Offline Shopping

How much has technology changed shopping habits? With the advent of the internet and the tough time High Street retailers are having at the moment, Grazia looked deeper into the issue and conducted a survey. Are more consumers turning to online retailers, or do they prefer a good old fashion trip to the High Street? Believe it or not, the split between preferences is pretty even. Only about 55% of shoppers still prefer going to retail shops for their purchases. With that being said, 64% of shoppers research products online before buying in the store. High Street shoppers will pay an average of 33% more for a purchase than they would buying the same item online, and are even willing to pay as much as 50% more. Why? The answer is simple. Consumers don’t like to wait for their items and they prefer to purchase something they can see, feel, touch and try on.

Grazia Online - Online Shopping VS Offline Shopping

From the Author : Grazia fashion magazine for cool celebrity fashion trends and style advice.

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