Thrifty Shopping Tips

shopping helpful tipsYou’ll find this article very handy if you’re looking for some thrifty shopping guides in buying branded items. This short write up provides practical tips on how you can enjoy your shopping spree and save a lot of bucks.

1. Buy the things you need.

Whether it’s a designer Coach bag, a pair of Fitflop sandals, an expensive Polo sport perfume – ask yourself first if you need it before even thinking of going to the malls to “window shop”. Especially to impulse buyers, this tip will help restrain buying urges that one doesn’t really need or want.

2. Look around before buying.

And so you’ve decided to buy that you need a new pair of shoes after all. Look around. Check several brands, different designs and most especially compare prices. This applies to every girl who falls in love with the first item they see on the shelves. There are so many fashoinable choices that it’s impossible not to find a match for your taste and budget.

3. Wait for sale season.

There is bound to have at least one each year. Put up a “shopping money” fund in your closet and wait until sale season arrives. I promise you the joys of spending will be worth all the wait, especially when you get those branded items 50-70% off!

4. Go to outlet stores.

You can also go directly to outlet stores instead of waiting for sale season to come. This however applies only to the few who have time and opportunity to go out.

5. Check online stores.

There are online stores that offer 20%, 50% and even 80% discounts. You just need to find the good deals that apply to you and to your country.

6. Apply for membership cards.

Some stores offer more discounts and other incentives to member card holders. If you are loyal to a specific brand or store or mall, I suggest you get a membership to avail insider promotions.

7. Pay with credit cards.

Pay with plastics only if you have the cash to pay now. Use your credit cards only to earn points from your banks and eventually cash them in for some freebies. Never, and I mean NEVER pay with your card without having the cash today to pay for the items you have been planning to buy. It’ll save you a lot of headaches, believe me.

About the Author : Rizza also wrote Healthy Fats for Weight Loss in her Challenges of Losing Weight blog.

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