Witness Evolution in the Portable-Gaming World!

Computer gaming has become more advanced today as different portable gaming gadgets are always being publicized in the market.  I am a fan of video games myself and like any other gamers, I am a fan of the newly released Nintendo 3DS.

If you were born in the 90’s you might remember “brick game”, a portable handheld electronic device, made in a digital and the visual output on calculator-like screen. Having this gadget as a kid gives you instant fame.  On the other hand, if you were the type of gamer that likes action and adventure games, the very first thing you might recall is the family computer.

The family computer is also called Famicom disk system created by Nintendo Company in Japan. The gadget works by inserting a floppy disk, which is a cassette tape-like disk that is connected to the Famicom deck.

Probably the most famous game supported by the Famicom is Super Mario Bros released by the Nintendo Corporation.  Until then, more video gaming gadget came out and kids were used to changing generations of playing video games like advancing to the miniature version of the family computer, the Game Boy, the Play Station and the latest gadget of today that is the portable play station.

Recently, Nintendo Corporation released “Nintendo 3DS” to the market with more advanced features earning a number or great reviews from gamers around the world.

Nintendo 3DS

A Nintendo 3DS is a handheld entertainment system that allows you to play games and watch videos in a full eye- popping three dimensional graphics without the use of glasses.

Yes, you heard it right – no more of the lousy 3D eye glasses commonly used in the movie houses that make you look ridiculous if you use it while watching a 3D type of movie or playing a game.

Since this gadget is created by the Nintendo Company you will not miss playing their most popular franchise which is the Super Mario Bros. Together with Pokémon, Lego Batman, The Amazing Spider Man, Zelda, Star fox and many more.

If you are a true gamer and would want a more amazing gaming experience, then you should not miss this brilliant innovation!

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