3 Tips for Couponing While Shopping Online

online-couponsMany savvy shoppers use paper coupons to save big at supermarkets and department stores. But less than 38 percent of online shoppers use coupons to save money online. Online coupons are just as valuable as paper coupons. In fact, shopping online with the help of coupons and other deals might be cheaper than running out to the store. Below you’ll find three tips for couponing while shopping online.

Find and Use Promotional Codes

Use your favorite search engine to locate coupons or promotional codes before you purchase any product online. You can search by store or by product to locate the appropriate coupon. Keep in mind that the search engine will return hundreds of results, so you’ll have to find one that’s current and relevant. Some coupon code websites will show up in your results. These sites employ full-time staff to do the heavy lifting for you, which means you won’t have to sift through hundreds of coupons to find one that works.

When you find a valid coupon, click on the active link to shop at the merchant’s site or their social media pages. You’ll have to enter the promotional code at checkout to get the savings. Always check to ensure the savings are applied before completing the order.

Use Free Shipping Option

Many people are averse to shopping online because of shipping cost. It’s a valid concern since shipping could bump the price of a product to the point that it’s more expensive than shopping in the brick and mortar store. But with so many stores now offering free shipping today, it’s no longer a factor.

Some stores will offer free shipping on any purchase while others will extend the free shipping offer only when you purchase a specific dollar amount. For instance, Amazon.com offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, so it makes sense to add another item to your cart if your total is less than $25.

Another way to put another positive spin on shipping costs – if there are any- is that it is usually less than sales taxes. When you add the discount from your online coupon, you’ll save more if you make your purchases online.

Manage Email Alerts

Coupon websites offer more coupons than you’ll ever find on the manufacturer’s website. The catch is that there may be a cap on the amount of coupons distributed. To get first dibs on special savings, subscribe to the site and get email alerts as soon as coupons are posted. SumoCoupon is an example of a coupon membership site that gives subscribers the option to get instant notification by email.

Bookmark a few of your favorite coupon sites and check in several times a week to find great deals. Subscribe to your favorite brands’ mailing lists to learn of sales, discounts and special opportunities to save. Always read the site’s privacy policy to learn about the information it collects and whether they share your personal information. Tip: Get a separate email address to manage spam and confine your online coupons to one mailbox.

Shop online with coupons and promotional codes and you’ll experience a whole new way to save money.

About the Author : Russell Matthews is an ecommerce expert. He loves sharing online shopping tips with internet lovers. Click SumoCoupon.com to find out more.

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