How to Wear Chelsea Boots

chelsea bootsChelsea boots have been around for a very long time. They were riding boots originally but became fashionable during the 1950s and 1960s among st the mod scene. For a while they were seen as a stylish, slick, masculine boot for mods who were keen to set off their tight suits with shiny polished black leather. And it wasn’t just mods who loved them. During the 1960s in Swinging London, they were seen on the feet of every male pop star. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks – the coolest of the cool all wore Chelsea boots. They were usually made in black or brown leather but suede was popular too, especially in blue. As Elvis Presley sang, ‘Don’t step on my blue suede shoes.’ The Who, given the mod connection to the boot, were never seen without their Chelsea boots. They were smart, stylish and flattering but not worn by women, ever (unless they were riding horses, of course). However, over the last decade the Chelsea boot has had a wonderfully feminine make over and now comes with heels, wedges and even buckles and chains should you want them. Choose from stiletto heels, chunky heels, kitten heels, flat heels and low heels as well as leather uppers in every colour of the rainbow. Do you prefer faux leopard skin or zebra skin? Whatever your taste, you’ll find a Chelsea boot to suit.

Favoured by Royalty during the 19th Century

Chelsea boots are comfortable and practical as well as stylish and this must be the secret to their longevity and success. The elastic insert and pull tabs mean that they can be flatteringly tight fitting but still easily and quickly removed. This is, in fact, why they became so popular with Queen Victoria in the 1830s when her boot maker dreamt up a pair for her. She wore them for riding, as did many other female members of the aristocracy – but it was not long before working women discovered their versatility. They were perfect for keeping your feet dry, hard wearing and comfortable as well as easily removed at the end of a very long working day. However, it would be another 100 years or so before they became fashion items..

What to wear with them

Like Queen Victoria, you can still wear Chelsea boots with jodphurs (and many do) but the Chelsea boot really comes into its own when worn, if you are female, with short skirts and funky tights, colourful leggings or skinny jeans. For the man of 2013, they look as good as ever with a tight fitting suit or straight legged indigo jeans or chinos. Plaid, Oxford or polo shirt completes the look. For kids, the Chelsea boot is practical, comfortable and stylish and will go well with jeans for both genders as well as skirts with chunky socks for the girls.

Hunt for them online

If you are looking for Chelsea boots online, there are countless sites to choose from. Go for good quality and a recognised name where possible.

About the Author : Susan Jones has been writing for fashion websites for a number of years. She bought her latest pair of Chelsea boots online.

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