How to Choose the Perfect Baby Pillow

Pillows with soft textures and fluffy details can add a well-dressed, happy and serene touch to nursery bedding. When purchasing these for your child at the major online stores, consider the thickness of the cushion. If the pillow is wider than about 1.5 to two inches, it is probably too thick for a baby or toddler younger than 24 months. The baby pillow seams should be minimal and intact so none of the stuffing can escape from the inside the pillow.

Fiji BedspreadDo you notice that the back of your baby’s head looks a little too flattened? This is actually a condition that occurs when the joints between the baby’s skull bones close too early, causing the head to flatten. Many doctors recommend types of infant pillows that have an indented moon shape. This head support is proven to prevent further flattening of the head since most babies tend to sleep on their backs, especially during the first six months of life.

Just as baby things are typically very small, animal themed nursery bedding comes in a variety of sizes and can be accompanied by a variety of accessories. Often, accent pillows for the nursery feature styles with hand embroidery, cotton-linen appliques and cool shapes, such as ladybugs and teddy bears brimming with happy energy. It is important to remember that they are designed to serve as decoration and cuteness rather than to be a baby’s sleep companion. Make sure you remove all tags and plastic attachments before putting anything in your baby’s bedding.

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