Choosing Your Own Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses are definitely a fashion accessory that should be worn all year long. But they are also essential for when shopping for fashion sunglasses, not all of those are created equal and of the same quality. The most important thing to consider when sunglass shopping is to find a pair that completely protects your eyes from both UVA and UVB sun rays.  preventing sun damage to your eyes; at the same time, they can improve your vision and help you make a unique fashion statement.

Fashion sunglasses come in many different styles, colors and shapes. If being fashionable is what you desire, pick a pair of sunglasses that you like and have custom lenses added to the sunglasses. On the other hand if sun protection is your objective, select a pair of wraparound sunglasses that completely block out UVA and UVB rays.

After selecting your pair of fashionable but cheap sunglasses, you must also take a close look at its lenses. Sunglasses do have differently colored lenses. On cheap sunglasses color lenses are usually just for fashion purposes. On more expensive sunglasses, the color of the lens tells you what the sunglasses are best suited for. Becoming familiar with the different types of sunglass lenses will help you make a better decision when selecting sunglasses.

fashionable_sunglassesTypes of Lenses 

  • Photo chronic Lenses -Photo chronic lenses adjust their level of darkness based on the amount of UV light they’re exposed to. The lenses darken when they are outside and lighten back up when they are inside. 
  • Amber Lenses – It blocks blue light. People who spend a lot of time outdoors prefer sunglasses with amber lenses. They are great for the ski slopes, hunting or fishing. 
  • Mirror Coated Lenses – Mirror coated lenses limit the amount of light entering the eyes. Because they are highly reflective coatings applied to the front surface of the lenses to reduce the amount of light entering the eye.
  • Gradient Lenses – They are tinted from the top down, so that the top of the lens is darkest. Double gradient refers to lenses that are also tinted from the bottom up, the top and bottom are darkest and the middle has a lighter tint. 
  • Polarized Lenses – This type cuts reflected glare. They are generally worn by those who play water and snow sports. The anti-reflective coating reduce glare caused by light reflecting off the back surface of the sunglass lens.

Always remember that in shopping for your perfect pair of sunglasses, lens and frame can be adjusted to accommodate any special requests or prescriptions needs.

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