Choosing Fun Gifts for Men

Although they are not as vocal as women when it comes to gifts, men also love to receive presents! Here are some cool ideas for fun gifts for men. Have fun choosing and gifting these items to your partner, dad, grandpa, brother, or any special guy in your life.

Prank/Gag Gifts

Men love a good laugh – so you can buy them prank/gag gifts for fun. Some of the best ideas are a blood bath shower gel (red shower gel placed inside a plastic pack similar to those used in hospitals to store blood), funny cake toppers, farting slippers/pillows, mugs with funny prints/words, realistic animal mask, scary latex or inflatable figures/body parts, etc.

Funny Clothes

There are lots of novelty t-shirt shops selling shirts with funny prints – you can easily choose the best one to suit your recipient. You can also opt to create your own design and have it printed on the shirt.

While you are shopping for funny clothes for your partner, you might want to buy a “mankini” just for laughs. Who knows? He just might us it, too!

DIY Coupons and Gifts

Who said you need to buy stuff so you can find fun gifts for your man? You can find lots of printable coupons and slips on the web for various stuff, including gifts with a twist. For instance, you could print him coupons for a free massage – but he has to be blindfolded and you’ll be using your foot, elbow, or other parts of the body. A homemade scratch ticket can also be a fun gift.

Treasure Hunt

There’s an even better way to give your gifts to your loved one: ask him to go on a treasure hunt. Scatter hints and clues around the house, leading him to the ultimate gift.

Enjoy finding the best fun gifts for men – the task of looking for the perfect gift can be just as fun as finally finding one. Good luck!

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