Cool Gifts Under $20 Everyone Will Love

Did you know that you can buy lots of cool gifts under $20? You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on lavish gifts especially if you are strapped for cash. We’re sharing here some of the best gift ideas everyone will love.


Yeah! Mugs are so overrated but if you get one in 3D or with cool/funny prints, I bet the receiver will love it! Heat-changing mugs are popular, too.

Cute Headphones

There are a lot of cute headphones selling for less than $20. When picking your gift, consider the receiver’s taste. Furry plush headphones would work well on kids and girlfriends but might be a tad too cute for your boyfriend.

Telephoto Lens for Smartphones

Tech stores and online shops are selling small telephoto lens that can greatly improve a smartphone’s camera. With people wanting to take the best photos these days to post on social media, this option would surely be a keeper.

Useful hint: You might want to also buy one for yourself…

Cool Nightlights

Nightlights are not just for kids – and many adults would love to receive one if it has a cool appearance. Depending on your receiver (or your mood), you can pick cartoon character nightlights or ones that look techie/geeky. Don’t worry as there are a lot of choices in stores for this one.

Weird But Funny Gifts

With merchandise under $20, you can’t expect to have the grandest gift yet you can have the coolest, most unique pick. These you can find in novelty stores. Examples would be notebooks, notepads, or memo boards with hilarious captions, colored toilet paper, apparel with funny prints/lettering, or hilarious stickers.


You can get a box of cookies or cupcakes for less than $20. Better yet, if you know how to bake, you can make some yourself! Instead of buying the baked goodies, you can invest in some cookie cutters with cool shapes (favorite cartoon or movie characters) and decorate the cookies accordingly.

Those are some of the best ideas for gifts under $20.

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