Cool Birthday gift Ideas for Your Capricorn Man

capricornYou got a new boyfriend—and he is a Capricorn. In less than a week he will be celebrating his birthday, and you want to give him the best gift ever. You want to know what can make him happy. How will you do that? Well, you better start by studying the personality of Capricorns. From this, you will learn a lot about your guy.

Capricorns are practical beings. Therefore, if you want ideas of what to give him, better think of something which he can use. Surely, he will be thankful to you, and your present will not be a waste.

Here are some nice ideas for birthday gifts for Capricorn man:

Wrist watch

Do you want to give him something which he can use everyday? Then, give him a wrist watch. Since he will wear it daily, you will be with him even if you go to separate workplaces or schools. Surely, he will be reminded of you everytime he checks the time.

Fleece blanket

Capricorns have soft spot for warmth and comfort. For this reason, a nice fleece blanket can also be a perfect gift for him. Is it not sweet to think that you can provide him comfort with your blanket as he sleeps? This will make him wake up with great smile each morning.

Good book

If your Capricorn is a reader and he loves to learn new things, a book can be a good gift. Since you know what he is into, you better choose a book that will help him learn more about his interest. A book of how-to’s is also a good idea.

Self-made dinner

If you do not like to give him a thing, but instead you want a memorable activity, then preparing a simple yet romantic dinner will do. Rather than spending time in a luxurious restaurant, your man will appreciate it more if you cook the food and prepare the whole setting yourself. Assuredly, he will fall deeper into you as he sees your effort and thoughtfulness.

These are just a few ideas of birthday gifts for Capricorn man. Remember, practicality is the key to his heart. Therefore, as long as it is something that can be useful to him—and is straight from your heart—it will be the best for him.

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