You’re Not Going to Hear Her Roar With These Gift Ideas

Leo-FemaleIf you’re born from July 23 to August 22, your zodiac sign is Leo. According to, Leo’s are ruled by their astral sign—the Sun, and being the center of the universe they too love the attention given to them. As to their personality, they are enthusiastic, understanding, and are strong-spirited.

Leo persons tend to stand out in a crowd. They also love vibrant and unique things. They have a taste for art, and like their attitude they prefer bold and dazzling things. When choosing a gift for a Leo woman it is important that you understand their personality. To help you pick a gift for your girl, here are some ideas.

There are so many shops and online sites that offer DIY kits. You can buy one and make a personalized gift for a female Leo. If not, then go to a shop that offers personalized gifts. Choose something that is remarkable, don’t buy common personalized items like mugs, key chains, or t-shirts.


The thing with the female Leo is that they do not like cheap or fake things. So, you may give her a gold or silver bracelet with her favorite pendant or with her name inscribed. A pretty and lustrous watch is also an option. Choose something that is big, or with many charms around the strap. Bangles? Necklace? Just choose something big, catchy, and sparkly. Ruby and diamonds do well for a Leo. Those will make her eyes pop.


Remember, go for authentic and high-end makeup. But before buying makeup for your girl, know her shade, tone, and appropriate colors. This may seem awkward for a guy, so you may opt to ask her girl friends. Buy lipsticks, the shades pink, red, and nude are universal and will match any skin tone. You can also buy her lip gloss and lip balms. Also, be familiar with her favorite scents so you can buy her perfume. You can also buy her nail polish.


Red, orange, yellow, light green—choose colors that will make her stand out in a crowd. Bright colors and also bold ones will fit a person with the zodiac sign Leo. Again, buy branded clothing, or with the latest fashion craze. A silk scarf will be a good idea, including long gowns and sexy outfits.

Treat her

A day at the spa, museum exhibit, trip to the cinema. Give her a day of fun and relaxation. Or, dine in at her favorite restaurant or in a high class store.

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