Best Games for Your Repaired Laptop to Run

FinallyIf your computer has seen better days and is riddled with junk and general poor organization, then chances are it will be a little slow and that it won’t be up to playing games and doing other ‘high end’ things that you might expect from a good computer.

This means you won’t be able to make the most of some of the great PC games on the market on the moment. Here we will look at what some of those are to help motivate you to get your computer in working order once again.

Super Meat Boy

This game is an absolutely fantastic throwback to a bygone age where pixel-perfect jumping ruled the roost and where games were as tough as nails. At the same time as having some highly addictive and sadistic gameplay, it’s also a fantastic game in terms of the humour and cut scenes. Every level is unique and actually quite artistic in some ways, and if you couple this with the excellent high-octane music then you will be sure to want to see what’s coming next and not throw your controller out the window in frustration.


This game is somehow incredibly artistic while still providing a fun challenge and it demonstrates why so many indie games are finding success lately – because they can focus on the experience and the magic of playing games rather than just churning out more of the same shooters and platformers.This game strikes you as different right away – when you realize there is no music, and the graphics consist of black and white silhouettes. From here things get stranger though as you start to encounter the creatures that dwell in this strange realm with you – huge spiders and other ‘lost boy’ types. The way you interact with them silently and the sense of discovery as you see how things react to you makes this game really feel like an adventure and elevates it beyond just scoring points and more to experiencing and feeling as the game wants you to.

Sonic Generations

Okay now we’re moving up the spec-spectrum (see what I did there?). This game is one that will require some higher-end graphics and power, but if you’ve got the oomph it’s well worth giving it a go as the game takes sonic back to his 2D roots while adding new high res graphics and re-imagining some of his classic levels. The Speed Highway level is a blast of adrenaline and beautiful night-vistas. If your computer still isn’t quite up to this one, then you might do better with Sonic 4 Episode 1 which is also a blast from the hedgehog’s past.


Back to a game that any working PC can play – a 2D randomly generated adventure platform game that sees you steeling gold and rescuing damsels. While the graphics and tunes are decidedly 1985, the game is modern in the way it’s so open and the way all the different elements interact with each other to create something new each time you play it. The level layouts are new each time you play, but more exciting is the way that a spider might attack a shop keeper, or the way that you might find a jetpack and use it to rescue a damsel.

About the Author : James Wang is a hardware engineer providing IT support in Melbourne. His work has made technology and especially the use of laptops much more effective.

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