Nokia N9 Review

Nokia mobile phones never run out of surprises for the loyal users. Among the latest additions is the Nokia N9 that is indeed a masterpiece going by the true meaning of that word. There are so many amazing features in this Nokia masterpiece such that it would be hard to point all of them out. If you love a phone that can handle some of the office work for you, you will be happy with the office document viewer. If you are a mobile gaming enthusiast, then you will be happy that this 16GB internal memory masterpiece comes with a few preloaded games like Angry Birds, Galaxy on Fire and Need for Speed.

nokia n9 familyThe N9 AMOLED black screen does not consume any power. When it is at standby, the N9 will show the clock, missed calls or any text messages unread. GPS, WIFI technology, 8 megapixel camera, NFC technology and many other features, this is definitely a must-have smart phone, if you would like to enjoy its smart features from close quarters. The clear display and the aesthetics are amazing as is the battery life and the software. This phone is made with an aluminum chassis, which makes it very enduring and strong. It is a very user-friendly phone and the user manual is very easy to understand. Volume control, micro SD card and micro USB port are easily accessible. Note that the Nokia N9 mobile phones do not feature a removable battery.

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