Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Review

Simply said, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has everything that you would expect in a tablet, but this time it goes a little bit overboard, thanks to its embellished features and the amazing display. This Samsung device is intended for a man or woman on the move who likes to keep in touch with the others. The front facing camera is great for video chatting with friends on social media. Amazingly, did you know that this tablet does not have a plastic body? On the contrary, it has a very stylish metallic body, which may appear deceptively thick but in truth, this is one of the slimmest tablet in the market, measuring only 0.31 inches in thickness.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7

The display is powered by AMOLED technology, a blackish screen that at standby mode does not consume power. Featuring 1280 x 800 megapixels, you are assured of needle sharp accuracy. You can enjoy enhanced and amazing viewing from all angles. The graphics in this device are simply amazing. The connectivity is the best and fastest, both for Wi-Fi and for the websites. The Samsung gadget is perfect for office work and entertainment, but it keeps the two separate, thus you cannot mix business and pleasure. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is an amazing hand fit computer that is revolutionizing entertainment. All ports are easily accessible, on the left side.

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