Shopping in London: Top 5 Things to Buy

London is no doubt one of the finest cities in the world. This city so enticing some tourists keeps coming back here. And during each visit, they find it hard to leave. But just so to pacify the effects of separation anxiety, they bring home with them some mementos from this lovely city.

And their favorite souvenirs? Read on to know five of the many wonderful things visitors must buy when in London.

  1. Flowers – If there’s one thing London is truly blessed about, that perhaps is its cool climate, which is very suitable to grow some of the finest flowers in the world. Interflora flowers are some of the best kinds that are locally-grown in the city. Take these sweet-smelling flowers with you on your way back home. Whether you want them as bouquets or live flower plants, that is no problem with the florists in London whose skills in flower arrangement and design are impeccable.
  2. Wines – What better way to complement the elegance of this city than to have a sip of the finest local wines?London, along with other European cities, is home to the best varieties of wines known to man, or at least to wine aficionados.  While touring the city, spot for local wine stores which anyway are all around. Chardonnay, the popular white wine, is a must-try is this city.
  3. Chocolates – Your visit to London would not be complete without having to munch on mouth-watering chocolates. London’s chocolate houses produce great tasting chocolates, some of which are available only in the city! So do not waste the chance of having a piece of these heavenly treats when you are in this city.
  4. Perfumes – Another thing London is widely known for is the collection of fragrances. Some of the world’s best brands of perfume are headquartered in the city. Buying these sought-after brands direct from the manufacturers could be a very interesting experience. But remember that these perfumes could cost lots of fortunes, as they are prepared in exquisite and sophisticated manners.
  5. Harry Potter novelty items– For the true-blue Harry Potter fans, London has become synonymous with this brainchild of JK Rowling. And that thinking is quite acceptable, especially because this city is the major location of the very famous film. Key scenes in the film series are taken in the city, and these exact spots have now become prime tourist destinations. HP novelty items and souvenirs are also sold here, so make sure to grab some of those to get a piece of HP as you head home.


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