Getting a Tablet? Tips on How to Choose the Right One

So you’re eyeing for a tablet you’ve seen on the internet and told yourself I want and I need that tablet. And your excitement won’t stop you and then you start thinking that you need to change your old laptop, you need it for work, facebook, connectivity, research, or a replacement of an old phone, you got tons of reasons until you ended up saying “I’m gonna get one!’

Well, you might have won over yourself that you’re going to buy one, but the next tough question maybe is, how to pick the right tablet for you.

And to make it a bit easier, here are simple tips in choosing your next tablet:

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    Know your needs.  What are you gonna do about it? Are you always on the net? Do you need a webcam? Are you a hard gamer? Book reader? Figure things out, write it down, it will help you decide what model to buy based on your needs. Just like if you’re a photo hobbyist consider the camera.

VGA front camera, a standard camera for video chat on Skype, YM, or 3G call. Video quality though is lesser but no hurt on your internet or 3G connections. But most tablets now have 2 megapixel front cameras which are obviously much better, but if you’re not into video chat, get a higher Rear Camera instead. Usually used for taking pictures and videos, most rear cameras work very fine in outdoor which can record 720p High Definition videos.

  1. Choose between Apple iOS or Android. If you want an iOS tablet, obviously it’s an iPad. What’s good about apple is its more than 200,000 applications available in App Store which can be easily categorized as apps for iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Android OS is another option from Google and powers Google Play with collections of applications for all android devices. Current Android OS is Android 4.0.4 or the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Mind you that some applications in Google Play has specific requirement like Skype Video Call requires Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher, Temple Run requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Blackberry Playbook is another thing which uses its own proprietary OS. Blackberry phone users could benefit much of it thru syncing.

  1. Features and Specs. Here lies important features and functions of your desired tablet:

Size:  7 in. is the smallest that fits right in your palm, but if you’re into movies and eBooks, you don’t’ really get a tablet feel with this size. There are 7.7in, 8.9in and of course the 10-in and above such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer iConia, Asus Transformer. You got to measure your needs, choose one that fits in your lifestyle and fashion.

Processors and RAM: The heart of your tablet, speed depends on its capability. A single core 1Ghz processor could do the job for 7-in tablets, but it’s better to get at least dual core processors. Well, you would feel this when you run multiple applications simultaneously. The latest we have now is a 13-in tablet from Toshiba which has a Quad core processor. Wow!

Screen Resolution: Most tablets now features HD screen, Samsung has a super AMOLED and new iPad has a retina screen with 2048×1536 pixels. Cheaper tablets have basic screen resolution of 800×600 pixels which is not bad at all and if you want the best experience, invest in tablets with 1280×800 pixels or higher.

WiFi Only/3G:  Oh yeah, I consider this as one of the important features to look into especially if you’re always mobile. Consider getting a 3G tablet though much expensive than a Wi-Fi only. Wi-Fi only could also work with 3G phones supporting hotspot (eg. connect your iPhone to 3G internet and share it to your tablet via Bluetooth, Cable or WLAN connection) or get an extra pocket Wi-Fi.

Battery Life: Of course, the longer it lasts the better; though battery life varies depending on the usage, standard life when in use should be at least 8-10hours. Mind you that some cheap tablets packed with cool features and specs usually have cheaper kind of battery. Ask about it, a little research could save you from mess.

Ports/Expansion Slot: Tablet could be an extension of your laptop or computer, and the more ports it has, the better. Standard ports should be MicroSD, MicroUSB  and Mini HDMI.

Well, aside from these technical profiles, the tablet’s design could also be a factor and it’s your choice. =) Happy Shopping!

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