Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Nokia Lumia is a Windows Phone with spectacular features. This Smartphone has been described as an affordable high end phone. It is going for $99 which is quite an affordable amount to many people. Although the phone has been connected with different flaws it still remains Windows Phone of choice. Nokia Lumia 900 is a remarkable Windows Phone although its applications and other phone features are having this phone greeted with a bad name in the mobile market.

With quad-core processor generations of mobile phones already announced, this device will be facing greater challenges as a Smartphone. There are so many people who have already complained about this phone with regards to running applications. It has even been said that other Windows Phones could be doing much better compared to this phone. This new Smartphone from Nokia has 16GB internal memory in addition to 512MB of RAM. There are also local connectivity options which include Wi-Fi, USB as well as Bluetooth in addition to WCDMA and LTE.

In addition to Nokia Lumia 900 selling at an affordable price, it has been called the first Windows Phone to make debut in the US as a 4G LTE generation phone. The benefits of 4G despite the fact that the age is still young on the same, things like download speeds  and upload speeds will increase allowing users to experience the full power of technology. Although some reviewers on the internet have tried to review the Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone negatively, above all, other reviewers have seen it as salvation to people who have always wanted to own Smartphone devices but could not do so due to price factor. The reception of this phone has been accounted as one of the reasons people should purchase this phone. It displays more bars even in areas where network connection could be somewhat limited.

Lumia 900 is a must have Nokia phone, it ships in different colors to choose from, a sleek design and a new generation of Smartphone devices that doesn’t compare with others. When it comes to modem handsets, something like battery life is something to consider. Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone whose battery doesn’t last if you compare it with another modem Smartphone. If you use this phone’s 1,830 mAh battery moderately, it should power your phone a whole day. What does moderate usage mean? This means sending and receiving mails, making and receiving calls, taking a few photos and uploading them among other sporadic applications usage. You can also stream some music on the same take.

The Wi-Fi is one of the huge negative impacts on battery life on this Smartphone. There is a white version scheduled for release somewhere between the end of this month and early next month, the current different color choices are, however, standing on top towards purchase of this phone. With fluid graphics, ease in multitasking and incredible animations, Nokia Lumia 900 is an incredible device that not only responds well in terms of price, but has also high responsive alternatives when it comes to carrier network.

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